Our family and know-how

For us, the vine is a family affair, a passion that has been passed down from generation to generation through these magnificent terroirs that we have been working for decades. A fascinating mosaic which constitutes our vineyard and our champagnes with so varied expressions.

We like to walk through these lands of our ancestors together to see them evolve and follow the rhythm of the seasons. Here, the hand of man is very present but it shapes the land as respectfully as possible.

Every day, we like to go through it, to feel its earth, to take its pulse, to smell its breath... To the rhythm of the seasons, and of the hand of the man, who works our soils the most respectfully possible.
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Father & Son
We are accompanied by a close-knit team on a human scale and work every day to perpetuate the tradition handed down by our ancestors and bring our own personality to it.

Young committed winegrower, Vincent invests himself for living soils, and starts an innovative and ancestral approach around agroforestry, with the help of his father and his mother, Patrick and Marie-paule, as well as a welded team Nicolas and Fred who accompanies us for all the manual work, from the pruning to the trellising, until the accompaniment of the grape pickers.
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Ours Champagnes

Originel Brut

Brilliant | Round | Delicate
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Rosé Brut

Fruity | Delicate | Intense
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Perpétuel Brut

Fruity | Generous | Floral
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Brilliant | Generous | Vibrant
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