The Champagne Making

From harvest to disgorgement, producing a great Champagne is a long process. We work on it with meticulousness, under the sun that caresses our vines as well as in the shade of our cellars...

The precision of a manual harvest

If it generally takes place in mid-September, it can take place from August to October, depending on the climatic conditions of the current vintage. In our vineyard, the fruit is harvested exclusively by hand, plot after plot, bunch after bunch. We make two sortings to keep only the most qualitative berries.

The art of winemaking

According to our desires and inspirations, we use stainless steel tanks or wooden barrels of 228 and 500 liters, depending on the organoleptic profile we wish to obtain for each vintage. Our only objective is to reveal the full potential of the harvested fruit.

The vintages elaborated for the range Vincent Cuillier, are only worked with natural yeasts and without inputs, at the rhythm of the moon to preserve at best the wine and its aromas.
The precision of a manual harvest

The winegrower's craft is also about patience. The patience to taste rigorously in order to obtain the perfect blend, to observe the foam and to let the wine age.

To bring the champagne to its peak, the bottles rest on laths. This allows the wine to draw on the aromatic richness of the deposit formed during the second fermentation for one to three years.

At estate Cuillier, in order to offer you great champagnes, we wait at least two years for our first vintages and up to ten years for our great vintages

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The disgorgement,
the denouement of time

Le dégorgement, un instant aussi fugace que crucial. Grâce à un bain de saumure à -25°C, le dépôt, concentré dans le goulot par notre travail de remuage, est éjecté à l’ouverture sous l’effet de la pression interne.

Nous y ajoutons alors la liqueur d’expédition, avant de boucher la bouteille et de l’orner d’un muselet. Cette capsule métallique protectrice prend d’ailleurs une toute autre dimension chez nous, puisque qu’elle revêt les portraits de nos aïeuls.
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Ours Champagnes

Originel Brut

Brilliant | Round | Delicate
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Rosé Brut

Fruity | Delicate | Intense
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Perpétuel Brut

Fruity | Generous | Floral
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Brilliant | Generous | Vibrant
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