Blanc de Sable
Brut Nature

Rare | Precious | Subtle

Cuvée parcellaire, produced in the respect of the nature with preparations containing plant and natural products to look after the plant.

This wine is produced without entering and in a natural way. Without fining or filtration, the bottling is manual with a disgorging without adding sugar.

Composition : 100% Chardonnay
Vinification naturelle : 10 months in oak barrels of different years.
Dosage : 0gr
Aging on lees : 36 mois à 48 mois.
Available formats : Bottle
Storage time : 2 à 5 ans (bouteille)
Operating temperature : 8 to 10°C
Recommandation de service : Tilted the glass to preserve the bubble
Sélection numéroté : 1100 bouteilles et 50 magnums

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